Antonio | Illusion
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Antonio is a technician in charge of Illusion and has been part of the technical department since 2015. Antonio is a technician in electricity and a software technician, practices as a computer teacher at the Alborán School. In addition to several training courses and broadening of knowledge, he is specialized in the field of programming.

In his professional career, he stressed that he had ten years in Proinsermant, then five years in B&O Puerto Banús, where he specialized in international facilities in cities such as Moscow, Angola, Brazil and Miami.

The main functions carried out by Antonio in Illusion are related to the programming and to the drawings at the level of schemes in relation to the operation of Lutron.

It is considered a persevering person in addition to always being aware of everything related to new technologies.

Antonio is very happy for the work he performs in Illusion as the level and form of growth he is acquiring. It also highlights the many training resources that the company makes available as well as teamwork. He feels very proud to be part of him.