Basilio has a background of electricity and electronics, subsequently also acquiring the title of home automation technician programmer certificate, KNX Partner.

Besides various training courses and extension of knowledge in integration systems, Basilio has specialized in Lutron installations and programmings, the lighting control system brand.

He began his career as a specialist in electrical installations and later he started in the field that he develops in the present, when he joined a local company of great projection dedicated to the installation of technical lighting. Then after a number of specific courses he started in illusion with lighting installations controlled with Lutron.

He joined the Illusion team in 2010 and is our lighting specialist. His main task is to program and install lighting and control projects, system board assemblings, distribution system cablings and installation of technical light especially LEDs. Another of his main activities is the installation of rollers, Venetian blinds and rails for electronic curtains since in most of our projects we incorporate these daylight control systems by our supplier Lutron. Basilio is also involved in our audio-video and network installations when needed as he also has extensive knowledge in these fields

We are sure that if Basilio did the installation in your home, you rarely would have to call to say that the light does not work, of course, if it’s not for lack of the light bill payment!!.