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This past November, Illusion and the lighting brand Deltalight reached an agreement establishing a close collaboration between the two companies. For this reason, our manager Víctor Periañez and several architects with whom we collaborate, visited the Deltalight factory, located in Belgium.

During the visit they were able to see firsthand that the expectations we had about the brand were more than covered. It’s a brand that is firmly committed to a high quality and innovative design that creates trend.

It was a very positive experience in every way; they enjoyed a spectacular showroom that allowed them to get to know all the product families in a very cared environment. They walked through the different departments (production, design, management, technical department, assembly, etc.) which allowed them to know much better the whole development process of the different luminaire. They shared experiences both with the personnel as with the guest architects.

With all this, they came with a clear idea of how important it is to go for a quality product with European manufacturing and large support, and a company that offers the guarantee that we demand for our customers.

These qualities make them ideal elements when planning the lighting of spaces, whether you are building or remodeling the home of your dreams.

Here you can see some representative pictures of the visit


Deltalight 2

Deltalight 3
Deltalight 4
Deltalight 5
Deltalight 6
Deltalight 7


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