Carmen Morales


Born in Córdoba, Carmen Morales holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Seville University. She began her career as an art conservator, participating in the restoration of the Major Chapel of the Cordoba Cathedral. Later she worked as a secondary school teacher, but in 2.005 she turned her career and get into the interior design sector through her own studio. Five years later she moved to Marbella as a store manager for Extra Living (Metalco Group Srl), an Italian multinational corporation dedicated to urban and outdoor furniture.

She has been part of the illusion team since 2011, holding the position of design department manager, from which different activities are managed, including the realization of lighting projects, interior design for home cinema and unique spaces, and the improvement of the company corporate documents design. An important part of her work is communication with customers, necessary both for the understanding of their preferences and needs, and for the presentation of concepts and solutions designed especially for them.