Juan José

Munoz JuanjoJuan José has been in various companies. His initiation into the world of automation started around 2008, carrying out programming tasks and audio-visual and lighting control system installation, touching upon products such as Creston, Lutron, Linn, etc.

Following that, he has taken on the role of a computer technician, conducting computer repairs and developing Wi-Fi systems in homes in a variety of ways.

Before joining Illusion he was an ICT consultant for the ‘Junta de Andalucía’. He started there in 2010 and carried out installations and programming, among other things, for audio and video control systems such as Creston, Bitwise, Pronto, etc. He also carried out structured cabling in homes and urbanizations, integrating them with Wi-Fi systems. He installed audio systems such as Sonos, video surveillance systems and offered computer technical support for clients, WIMAX systems, etc.

During this time he has been gaining qualifications, including a certificate in Higher Education (HNC) in Multiplatform Application Development (DAM).

What he likes most about his function is adds a lot of value to his professional development and as a programmer. He loves his job, he never tire of talking about control systems or Wi-Fi, etc. He generally loves all technology: “you could call me (and as my colleagues do) a geek with my job”.