Linn’s goal is simple: They want to get closer to the music you love, feel each note, experience your music with clarity and power never before seen.

Their philosophy is simple too: They do not do anything unless it is better than what is available elsewhere. For them, “good enough” is not good enough.

They have even created their own award-winning record label to better understand the recording process: the same people who record the music help design our systems as well.

They reach extremes to pursue musical perfection. When you hear the results, you will understand the reason.

The rhythm in your home

Music is not just something that can be enjoyed in isolation, no matter how fun it is. It is a joy to share it too. Linn’s products bring extraordinary music to every inch of your home and allow you and your family to control it with a computer, tablet or phone, and for music to flow no matter who is at home.

Their systems are designed to work in perfect harmony with your home. Place a Linn system where you want, and its space optimization technology will ensure you get the best sound possible.

Whether you’re with friends or family, working in the studio or dining in the kitchen, Linn takes the music where you want with exceptional quality and without complications or clutter.

And it’s not just music. Brings legendary audio quality to your entire entertainment system. Movies, television and video games have never sounded so real or so immersive