Apartament in Oasis de Banús

This apartment located in one of the best areas of Marbella has been recently refurbished and in this process we have collaborated with a lighting and control project.
The owners wanted a minimalist style while warm, so from the beginning we opted for LED luminaires with color temperatures between 2,700-3,000ºK.
In hall and hall we have used Delta Light luminaires embedded without frame to give an adequate level of illumination, and LED profiles hidden in curtains for an elegant touch.
We wanted to highlight some walls to enhance architectural volumes that serve as the backdrop for certain pieces of furniture.

The treatment for the bedrooms has been totally different. Only hidden LED profiles on the perimeter of the rooms have been used to create a very warm atmosphere. In the absence of overhead lighting we avoid any kind of direct glare.

The bathrooms are illuminated with LED profiles hidden in pits and also on toilets. We emphasize the lighting of areas of passage through built-in bathing suits, wall-ceiling built-in swimsuits, and a striking composition of LED wall lights that we find as the head of the main hallway.

The apartment has a Lutron HomeWorks QS control system with which we can regulate both the intensity of the luminaires and the opening and closing of curtains and motorized blinds.