In this comprehensive project for a promotion of two villas located in the Casasola area in the municipality of Estepona we have worked on criteria of functionality and simplicity.

For the general illumination of the house has chosen luminaires of the firm Delta Light, whose design adapts perfectly to the style of architecture. Most of the light sources are warm and hidden in the luminaire itself, giving a high level of visual comfort. Thanks to the use of adjustable LEDs we can create different lighting scenes, and also due to the low consumption of the luminaires we achieve energy saving.

A Lutron Home Works QS system has been used to control lighting scenes. The house also has Lutron Sivoia QS ultrasonic motorized silent shutters. All the controlled systems of the houses can be managed from the keypads or by means of an application for Ipad / Iphone very intuitive and of easy handling. Recently with the incoporation of the Lutron Connect we have the option of remote control of the house being able to act on the same with the geolocation. Also with this new application we can act on the sound system of Sonos, which also has pre-installation this promotion.

Another way to access the control of the house is directly from our Apple device, without using any application. Soon it will also be compatible with the Apple application, this will allow us to control our home from our device directly without needing to use another application.