The villa located in Marbesa neighbourhood, benefits from the latest trends on lighting design from Delta Light. The black finishes and the profiling give the lighting a protagonist role within the home decor.

The curtains control is executed by the Lutron home automation system. Thus, the lighting control, natural and artificial, is linked to just one platform.  This gives a great variety of possibilities to create an ambience that matches the specific needs of each client.

The combination of direct and indirect lighting allows to set an ideal environment for those tasks which require a stronger illumination or for those relaxing moments where a dim light is appreciated.

The corridors, are fitted with movement sensors that turns on the lighting, avoiding the need to press bottoms while proving clean walls without any faceplate.

In the exterior, our project is focused on enhancing the finishes and complementing the architecture, giving volume and importance to key points, such as the stone façades or the several palms that surround the property.

The living room and the master bedroom are the ideal places to take a break and relax listening to music, thanks to the discreet speakers from Sonance, which blend with the architecture while providing the best audio experience.

Finally, our design also incorporates a cutting-edge surveillance system. The CCTV cameras from Nest are subtle and elegant, and allows the user to control their home 24/7 through an easy app for smartphones or tablets.