Delta Light

Delta Light

Founded in 1989 by the commercial manager and designer Paul Ameloot, Delta Light has progressed to become the market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting. The company, which presents innovative lighting designs, is known throughout the world for its subtle combination of ambience, elegance, functionality and design, both in interior and exterior lighting.

The future of Delta Light is guaranteed with Peter and Jan Ameloot, who have joined their father to take the reins of the company and bring more dynamism and ambition to the team.

Delta Light has grown to become a leader in the design of lighting systems for residential, commercial and professional environments thanks to its reputation as a manufacturer of architectural lighting. With a catalog that covers both small businesses and residential projects, office, public, exhibition halls, social services or landscape projects, Delta Light has the range of products, experience and knowledge necessary to meet functional and aesthetic needs of your projects.

Perfection and innovation

Over the years, Delta Light has based its growth on its own design, R & D, quality control, verification tests and production. From the design to the technical aspect and the creation of prototypes, through the whole process of production, packaging and storage … everything takes place in the central offices of Belgium of Delta Light.

The success of Delta Light is based on a constant search for perfection and innovation, both in the design of the products and in the manufacturing techniques, quality control and customer service. A key element in the focus of the service provided by Delta Light is its extensive training program, with lighting experts who study the methods of the most modern facilities, industry trends and product development.

Based on its impeccable reputation as an architectural lighting manufacturer for homes, Delta Light has become a very familiar brand and a company that sets trends in lighting design for commercial and professional environments.

Sophistication and added value

Delta Light has supplied products to some of the most well-known architects and brands in the world, to which it has provided sophisticated and value-added lighting solutions. From commercial to residential projects, in offices, public areas, exhibition halls and hospitality and gardening projects, both small and large scale, Delta Light has the range of products, experience and knowledge to meet the aesthetic needs of your projects