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Imagine coming home and you are welcome by a relaxed atmosphere, optimized lighting and the desired temperature, all ready with a simple action. You don’t have to worry about going through each room to close the curtains, your home will have already done it automatically, so you can relax straight away while choosing what to watch in your own home cinema.

This is what Illusion puts at your fingertips: comfort, design, safety and functionality. You will easily enjoy the latest advances in technology that blend harmoniously with the design of your home.

We have been creating high-level lighting, audiovisual and home automation solutions for more than 15 years and we can make your wishes come true. Our goal is to make everything as simple as possible for you, so we will take care of the comprehensive management of the project.

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From the very first moment, we will guide you by offering the options that can bring you the greatest benefits according to your needs, and we will present the information in a very visual and intuitive way.

During the development of the project, our managers will be at your disposal and will be in charge of managing and coordinating all the necessary tasks on time, ensuring, together with our own team of installers, a high level of finishes.

One of our values ​​is communication. On a regular basis, we will keep you informed of progress. At the end of the project, you will receive a personalized manual that includes the handling of important functions, as well as relevant information to answer the most frequently asked questions.

To help you enjoy the unique experience of your home, you will be supported by our customer service department, with whom you can clarify all your doubts and ensure that your facilities are properly maintained over time.

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  • Customized lighting, home automation, audio and video installations, with the latest technology and a distinctive design.
  • Discover the benefits that technology can bring to your well-being and comfort in your day-to-day life, turning your home into a unique experience.
  • We will manage the entire project from start to finish in a straightforward way, informing you and accompanying you at all times.
  • We only work with leading brands in their sectors so that you have products of the highest quality and design available.
  • Our after-sales service will answer your questions, offering solutions remotely or sending a technician to your home if necessary.
  • We help you improve the level of your homes to increase your sales by offering facilities to fit your budget.
  • We take care of all the management of the final customization of each client, from the forecast in the construction phase to the final details.
  • We have 15 years of experience working in direct contact with clients, so we know their needs and concerns well.
  • We have a showroom where customers can see and experience the results they can achieve in their home, improving the sales process.


At Illusion we have been creating unique experiences for our clients since 2006 through lighting solutions, control systems, audiovisuals and electric curtains. We take your home or business to a new level of comfort and performance by implementing the latest technology together with the most elegant design.

We offer consulting, design, execution and maintenance services adapted to both individuals and commercial clients. Design is a fundamental part of our work, so we can help you from the very initial stages, developing the project in an integral way from its conception.

You can count on the experience of the more than 40 professionals that make up our staff. Our team of designers will be in charge of selecting elements with a unique aesthetic that fit with your style, whether they are lighting, sound or control pieces. On the construction side of things, our own installers will take care of leaving your installation fully operational, taking care of even the smallest detail and with a high level of finish.

Our goal is that you have a great experience from the first moment. And this pushes us to continue growing and improving day by day. Our trajectory, with more than 300 projects carried out in recent years, has allowed us to expand knowledge, increase quality and offer better customer service, for their greater satisfaction.

All the brands we work with are leaders in their sectors. They offer the highest quality and a distinctive design. The integration of these elements results in unique experiences adapted to each client, always without neglecting the smallest detail.

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From the first moment we will focus on your needs. We will help you in making decisions by offering you the products and brands that best suit the style and image of your home or business, without neglecting the functionality you are looking for.

  • Propuestas sencillas e intuitivas

    Our proposals are simple and intuitive. Thanks to Illusion's team of designers, you will discover how our facilities and each and every one of the elements that make up, enhance and elevate the aesthetics of each room, whether we’re talking about lighting, sound or control.

  • Ponemos toda nuestra experiencia al servicio de su tranquilidad.

    During the execution, our manager responsible for the project will be in charge of contacting you to report regularly on the progress, as well as any other matter that requires your attention. We put all our experience at the service of your peace of mind.

  • Entrega personalizada de su vivienda

    At the end of the project, we will make a personalized handover to show you everything you need to know about its installation. In addition, you will have the support of client service to resolve any issues you may have in the future.

    All the way, from start to finish, we will be by your side to help you fulfil your dream of having a unique home in the most simple and comfortable way for you.

The Team

The care of the details also goes through the care of the people who make up our team. Respect, companionship, empathy, the ability to listen and resolve are just some of the values that are part of who we are.

We have a team of more than 40 people from different specialties: designers, installers, engineers, administrative and management. This allows us to create working groups for each of our projects and thus have great coordination and resources, aimed at offering the best result.

Design is a vital part of our work and that is why we have our own creative department to offer you unique and totally customized solutions.

We attach great importance to efficiency. For this we have specialized management engineers who will accompany you throughout the project, ensuring that it progresses smoothly.

The experience of our installers acquired over the years allows us to offer superior quality, making sure to take care of even the smallest detail of each element that makes up the installation.

As an organization we want to improve ourselves day by day by offering a better service and client experience. The same happens with the people who make up our team. This is the energy that moves us forward and leads us to improve the results achieved in each project.


All the brands we work with are leaders in their sectors. They offer the highest quality and a distinctive design. The integration of these elements results in unique experiences adapted to each client, always without neglecting the smallest detail.


In order to bring our visitors closer to the world of Illusion, we have taken the integration one step further by designing an Experience Center for and by the client, where the facilities are the ones that manifest the possibilities above the word, and our experience and advice, the ingredients that make the decision making process as simple as possible.

Learn about our Experience Center

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