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Lutron is a company dedicated to technology and driven by its people. The private company has a long history of significant growth and smart innovations.

The history of Lutron began fines of the 1950s in the improvised laboratory of Joel Spira, in New York City. Spira, a young physicist fascinated by the aesthetic manipulation of light, seized the bedroom that until then was free in the apartment he shared with Ruth, his wife, and embarked on the adventure of inventing a solid-state device that allowed a People vary the intensity of the lights in their homes.

An industry is born

The first invention of Spira: a simple rotary attenuator that is still seen on the walls of many dining rooms, marked the birth of the lighting control industry.

Lutron holds more than 2,700 patents worldwide. In addition to the solid state attenuator, Lutron’s innovations also include the first electronic attenuation manual for fluorescent lights and the first predefined autonomous lighting control system.

Lutron was the first to commercialize the attenuator successfully and massively, and also the first to successfully market the linked attenuator systems. Additionally, it was the first company that created attenuation systems and motorized curtains and blinds to control both electric light and natural light.

In more than 50 years of innovation, Lutron has invented hundreds of lighting control systems and devices and has expanded the range of items it offers, from 2 to 15,000 products. The company has advanced lighting control technology and, at the same time, has maintained its leading position in the market by focusing on exceptional quality and design. Lutron continues to lead the market in high-quality lighting control for fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, low-voltage magnetic, low-voltage electronic and LED light sources.

Lutron has also led the technological innovation for curtains and blinds, as well as wired and wireless systems that allow the integration of electric light control with the control of natural light.

Another facet that keeps Lutron’s success alive is the commitment the company has made to its customers. From the beginning, the company has maintained an exceptional service, which includes offering technical support 24 hours a day. Likewise, it has a customer service department that maintains a very close link with customers.

Lighting controls

The lighting control products offered by Lutron range from individual dimmers to total light management systems that control complex buildings. Among the largest light control systems installed by Lutron in the US UU., They appear the New York Times Building, a building of 52 floors in the city of New York; the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia; and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

From a commercial perspective, lighting controls are essential in hotels, restaurants, shops, conference centers, educational centers, hospitals, museums and public spaces. Lutron lighting control systems take advantage of some of the most prestigious public sites in the world such as the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain; and the headquarters of the Bank of China in Beijing, among others.

Although they have gained worldwide prestige, Lutron’s lighting controls do not fail to provide the most valuable of personal services: to help people feel safe and comfortable in their own homes.

In terms of the residential perspective, lighting controls can be installed anywhere from single-room apartments to palatial residences such as the White House and Windsor Castle.

Individual dimmers create a cozy atmosphere with the simple touch of a button, or they can be activated from the inside to turn on the lights next to your home. The attendant groups can be operated by remote remote control, PDA (personal digital assistant), laptop, iPod, touch screen or universal remote control.

Energy saving

No matter where it is installed or how large the system is, each Lutron product saves energy by reducing power consumption. Together, Lutron’s lighting controls have reduced the use of electricity by 9.2 billion kWh, which in turn reduces customers’ electricity bills.

Lutron also protects the environment by reducing the demand for light bulbs. Since the dimmers prolong the useful life of the lamps, customers buy fewer bulbs and that reduce the energy and environmental impact linked to the manufacture of fluorescent lamps.