Ortega PacoPaco has a background in eléctrical and electronic communications, acquiring the title of tecnical in telecommunications.

Apart from doing sereveral several training courses and expandinhis knoledge in satellite Systems, different types of  TV signals and comunications switchboard, he mainly focused in integration systems and new tecnologies for future-ready

He began his career as an instaler of telephone lines for a multinational. He later worked in a local company as an installer and integrator of  hight-end audio-video, control and home cinema equipements, finishing as head of audiovisual departament.

He joined illusion in 2011 and he currently the head of the audiovisual technitians, in charch of the coordinating the instalations to make sure that everything works as planned. He is also in charge of  making the technicals drawings so that the planing of all the systems fit perfectly and the different proffesionals that en is inplicated in the projet are well coordinated. He is an expert doing centarlized systems and audio-video and control installations.

Whenever it is, sure that Paco is able to make it work, seen or heard with full guarantee of quality.