Delta Light factory tour

We visited the Delta Light factory in Kortrijk (Belgium) this month to get to know their new installations and the spaces booked in for future expansion.

New installations of Delta Light

First of all, we visited the showroom, about one thousand square metres in which we were able to see all the products in the new Bible 12 catalogue.

We continued visiting small showrooms dedicated to the history of Delta Light. They revealed the evolution of all the previous Bibles, including all the star products that have remained in the catalogue for various seasons.

We also had the opportunity to see the automated warehouse, where they optimise production and prepare stock orders, and the assembly rooms, which are manual or automated depending on the type of luminaire ensemble.

In the design department they showed us the design equipment and how they carry out the designs. They print them on 3D printers to see the end result before passing them through the assembly chain, allowing any changes to be made before including them in the catalogue.

In the illumination lab, the technical team explains how and for what they use direct and indirect light, colour temperature and the different opening gradients for a variety of luminaires.

The visit ends with their website marketing strategy breakdown, a pleasant meal in Bruges and a guided tour of the city the next day.