Kinetura | Illusion
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Kinetura is a Belgian company that combines the modulation of light with the transformation of form.

Xaveer Claerhout, architect and master of art history and Barbara Van Biervliet, civil engineer-architect are the founders and the inspiring source of Kinetura. Kinetura has a multidisciplinary team of designers, architects, engineers, product developers and sales people who like to think in an innovative way.

New dynamic dimensions to your space

The objects and spaces are transformed in a silent and almost imperceptible way into contrasting forms with different functions and expressions, as if it were an organic and natural dimension.

Sustainable lighting and control systems

Kinetura has created an illumination that is physically transformed and adapted according to your needs at the time. Dynamic lighting in the true meaning of the word, not only changing the intensity, but also the form, functionality and atmosphere.