Departamento Gestion de Proyectos

Meet our Project Management department

In the Project Management department, we are focus on managing the project that the Design Department has developed, with the invaluable contributions and suggestions of our clients.

The work we develop has two very different facets, which are transparent for the client. On the one hand, we manage the works with the architecture and the installers; and on the other one, internally with our execution technicians. Integrating them without divergences, is one of our most important objectives.

We also advise and inform the client throughout the construction phase; at the design level, as well as with the changes, extensions and improvements of the original installations, in order the final result always meets their expectations.

Finally, at the time of delivery of the house, we explain the client how to manage our Control System, both through our physical devices and the management applications, and they are delivered with all the necessary documentation to the use of it.

The team consists of José Antonio Sánchez, Sandra Lohnes, José Antonio López, Ángel Pérez and Juan Antonio Morales.