first edition of the DOM3 Magazine

DOM3 is an organisation founded in 2015 by a collective of businesses and professionals active in the real estate, décor, design and construction sectors in Marbella – and more specifically, in its prominent high end segment. New firms have since joined, swelling the ranks of the original founding members to a total of 32 at the present moment. All are welcome, but as this is an organisation established with the precise intention of promoting the highest levels of skill, quality, know-how, technical expertise, creativity and also integrity, our members have to reflect these characteristics in their everyday operation and indeed their reputation.

The people and businesses that make up DOM3 come from a wide range of related fields, including architecture, construction, property development, real estate, interior design, landscaping, engineering, lighting, home automation systems and similar disciplines, but what binds us is a passion both for what we do and the beautiful region we live in. Marbella, like any town, has had its ups and downs, but throughout it has retained its character and charm, and it is this as much as high professional standards, which we wish to nurture and promote.

To this end we organise regular events, create initiatives such as the DOM3 International Prize for Architectural Excellence and encourage engagement, transparency and mutual inspiration within the Marbella luxury property sector and also without – where we cut across professions and also welcome clients, local government and the general public into an open debate. We believe that the open exchange of opinions and ideas leads to improvement and growth, and it is the desire to realise the latter that drives us.

We hope you will see this reflected in the first edition of the DOM3 Magazine, a publication in which we naturally highlight our mission and some of our initiatives, but also talk to those who inspire us and focus on the design highlights, technical innovations and sensory explorations that are the basis of a strong passion for our chosen fields. Welcome and we hope you enjoy these pages.

Laura Pou