Introducing Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio is an English audio-video systems and components company, founded in 1977. It offers easy-to-use high-resolution audio systems for home cinema and whole-home solutions – from its flagship speakers with built-in amplification, to its discreet and powerful range of recessed wall speakers.

As the company itself states, “For more than forty years, we have pushed boundaries, innovating and delivering products that have shaped our industry and redefining how people experience sound.

Meridian products are handcrafted in the UK. With an ingenious and elegant design, the entire Meridian speaker series contains its own electronics, including its amplification. The brand is an undisputed global benchmark in the hi-fi industry, winning numerous praises and awards for its excellent design and performance.

At Illusion we have a team of professionals with great knowledge of the brand, who will be able to advise you which solution best suits your needs, and how to get the most out of it thanks to the integration with the different home systems. In addition, in our showroom you can experience first-hand the quality of its sound and appreciate the finishes, helping you make the best decision.