A new high performance red music player | Illusion
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A new high performance red music player

Selekt DSM: A dedicated transmission source to improve the sound of any separate system

Selekt DSM of Linn It will revolutionize your interaction with digital music: It is an authentic tactile musical experience. As impressive as seeing and listening, each element is precisely designed for the most authentic musical performance possible. Selekt DSM is designed to adapt to your system and make it sound better, whatever your configuration.


Selekt DSM brings life back to digital music

With Space Optimization technology you get the best possible sound from your entire system set up just for you, no matter what speakers you have or where they are placed. Selekt DSM includes a built-in preamplifier, which allows you to connect all your sources.

Customizable smart buttons provide immediate access, directly from the product, to whatever you want to hear, regardless of source. Streaming services, Internet radio, podcasts, your turntable … the choice is yours. With its modular and upgradeable design, your Selekt DSM can be adapted in the future as your needs change, either by increasing performance by adding Katalyst or by simplifying your system by adding integrated amplifiers.


A new high performance network music player

All the elements of Selekt DSM are designed with precision to offer the most authentic musical interpretation possible, offering as follows:

  • A dedicated transmission source for any system.
  • A single-box solution with integrated amplifiers.
  • Customizable smart buttons respond instantly.
  • All Selekt DSM players are manufactured by hand.
  • Selekt DSM includes a built-in preamplifier that allows you to connect all your sources to get better sound instantly.
  • Selekt DSM has our own installed space optimization technology, thus getting configured to offer the best possible sound of your entire system.