We attend Milan Design Week 2019 | Illusion
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milan design week 2019

We attend Milan Design Week 2019

Milan Design Week is defined by »Salone del Mobile» and «Fuorisalone» where the latest trends are presented for next year and a tide of events, exhibitions and presentations are announced. “Fuorisalone” is the most important event in the world related to the theme of design.

Visiting Milan has been an intense and interesting experience for the Illusion team. During Milan Design Week, many important brands with which we work frequently showed their products and new designs. In addition, we had the opportunity to see first-hand other brands that can help us expand our catalog of solutions such as Lightpoint, Panzeri or Flos.

Decorative lighting solution thanks to Delta Light

We highlight the new Delta Light brand wall lamp called BREESS, an indirect, stylized and decorative wall luminaire “inspired by the poetic movement of the sheets of paper, spinning in the wind”. The luminaires can be used as an individual lighting accent or can be mounted in a symmetrical or asymmetric composition; The slim and curly front panel uses a length to width ratio similar to A4 paper sheets and has a matte white finish.


Another of the Delta Light series that we could also contemplate was LASS-OH, a circular and suspended section profile, with which multiple compositions can be made. The variety in shape, straight lines or squares and curved rectangles, in combination with the optional shadows, make LASS-OH a very decorative lighting solution.


milan design week 2019

Perfect light and high quality with Occhio outdoor series: SITO

Sito adds high quality accents to the outdoor areas. Like all lighting systems offered by Occhio, Sito is consistent in its design and light quality and provides optimal lighting solutions for every situation.


Sito also makes the quality of light its top priority. The “perfect color” LEDs from Sito provide the highest efficiency with the best light quality and selectable light colors.


New ways to control lighting

The spectacular decorative luminaires of the Terzani brand seduced every visitor of Milan Design Week since, its most outstanding novelty, the Argent model, crossed the hall of the stand from beginning to end marking the route to follow.


Other installations that most caught our attention were the Preciosa brand. His stand invited to look for new ways to control lighting, with ideas as innovative as activating a scene with the clash of two glasses when toasting.