CEDIA, an international trade organization, of which Illusion is a founding partner, for the home technology industry with nearly 3,700 member companies around the world, was built on a solid volunteer base. CEDIA provides access to education, certification, industry-leading research and increases consumer awareness. Established in the United States in 1989, it serves as the source of home technology for consumers and professionals alike.

A path for members towards prosperity

CEDIA is the brand of lifestyle experiences at home installed as they define a path to prosperity for members and final satisfaction for clients. This is achieved by involving all integrators and manufacturers, regardless of the level of development and geography, with a vision of the future and the education, tools, relationships and support necessary to provide customers with the best life experiences in the world. home.

Opportunity to update our perspective

The training and networking events offered by CEDIA provide the opportunity to update our perspective, learn and establish new objectives for professional development and business. CEDIA organizes each year the ISE fair where, in each edition, we have seen how the number of participants and exhibitors increases, beating this year 2019 all records.