Villa en Sierra Blanca

The concept of lighting in illusion

From illusion we want to value that carefully throught design of lighting projects has a vital impact on the architecture, functionality and emotional interpretation of the space. Therfore it is crucial to develop the architecture and its lighting in parallel from birth.This is the philosofy that we work with and we pass throught our partners Delta Light and Lutron

Villa en la Zagaleta

A hight quality in the artificial lighting and its precise control allows to extend the quality of natural light when is extinguished, adapting to its use and needs. And undervalued contribution that no one is alien of.

Villa en la Zagaleta

Illusion works with Delta Light and Lutron implanted in its projects as they are consilidate and innovative brands with a common goal as ours. The projects B1-5 in La Zagaleta, recently completed, is a clear sample of our developments.