DOM3 | Illusion
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DOM3 o Entrepreneurs for High Quality Housing is an association of entrepreneurs and professionals with experience in various sectors, united by the same concern: to promote actions aimed at preserving and promoting the business of design, promotion and construction of high-quality housing in Marbella.

Among its objectives, include:

  • Promote any type of study and / or initiative that serves to better knowledge, promotion and operation of the sector, as well as influence the different levels of society for the same purpose.
  • Promote research, the development of knowledge and innovation in each and every one of the links of the business value chain, and especially in its design, construction and commercialization phases.
  • Promote the exchange of experiences and information with other entrepreneurs and professionals, and the creation of beneficial alliances for the sector.
  • Promote the creation of a seal of quality that distinguishes companies for their business values ​​such as quality, social responsibility, honesty and other values ​​that interest promote in this organization.


Board of Directors

The members of DOM3 are aware that the sector of promotion and construction of high quality homes has a strategic character in the area of ​​influence of Marbella since this economic activity continues to generate wealth and jobs.


Mission and values

The mission of DOM3 is to improve the competitiveness of our companies in particular and that of the sector in general. They are committed to the task of influencing public administrations with the aim of making Marbella the world leader in the high-end residential tourism sector. The values they share are: integrity in their behavior, professional and independent advice to their clients, providing a high level of security in processes, facilities and services, having the best human team, looking for products and services that meet the new needs of customers from any country in the world, seek continuous improvement and be committed to society to create new challenges.