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Lutron roller blinds

The Lutron roller blinds create the perfect light for any space or activity, with different options such as translucent fabrics (sheer), brownout (dim-out) and blackout (blackout). With the translucent fabric (sheer) we keep the sight while diffusing UV rays that damage the furniture. The brownout fabrics (dim-out) provide privacy, while the blackout (blackout) fabrics are 100% opaque to eliminate any day light.



The Sivoia QS system, last generation technology of Lutron roller blinds, is the ideal solution for the total control of the lighting. The simplified wiring and the common communication language allow an easy i

ntegration with Lutron lighting controls (buttons, individual controls, touch screens and multimedia applications). It also exists the option to control them through RF (radio frequency) or with a battery system that allows us to install them without any wiring.



Sivoia QS enables a simple and intuitive control of the roller blinds. The buttons with predefined levels instantly recover any favorite position of the rollers, plus adjustable zones for customized solutions.

The rollers start, move and stop in unison, and there are always exactly aligned with each other. Light spaces of 19 mm, both small and symmetrical ensure a maximum coverage of the window.

Lutron offers a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes in materials that will satisfy the needs of design professionals and end customers.