Soiree, the new range of Delta Light luminaires | Illusion
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Soiree, the new range of Delta Light luminaires

The Delta Light’s Soiree range was designed to be voluminous, lightweight and transparent. Its sophisticated shape creates a dense and decorative effect, filled with a warm light. The interaction between the pure circular and rectangular shapes, with the warm light sources and the symmetrical configurations, unleashes a dynamic tension.


Architecture with effects of natural light

From the play of lights and shadows in architecture, to the effects of natural light, the shape of everyday objects and sculptural art. The result is a nest of light, made of circles or rectangles, both structural and decorative, that generate a seductive light effect. Even when they are not lit, they add texture and character to the rooms, defining different areas with small and large contemporary pendants.



In any application, Soiree is prepared for different combinations thanks to its multitude in shapes, colors and sizes. Soiree enhances the rooms with its unique character, making residential and commercial settings a bit more magical.