The Lighting Bible: Presentation of the new Delta Light catalog

Delta Light is known worldwide for its technical architectural lighting, applied by architects and designers in small-scale projects. To further expand the offer, the company now presents more decorative solutions.



This year, Illusion, official distributor of Delta Light, organized in its facilities the presentation of ‘The Lighting Bible: Architectural Lighting Solutions’, the special edition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand.



New collections in the design of luminaries

Another topic discussed at the event was the presentation of the new series of lighting called ‘Reflections’, a set of three new collections.

A mission to improve the relationships between architecture, interiors, its users and visitors. With these new collections, Delta Light wants to help create the right atmosphere, so that the experience of each space is filled in a warm and unique way.

“Our extreme fascination with new technology and fully integrated architectural lighting remains our core business. Looking to complete our portfolio of technical architectural lighting, we challenged our design and engineering team to create a set of more decorative and expressive forms, “says Jan Ameloot.



Soiree range was designed to be voluminous, lightweight and transparent. Its sophisticated shape creates a dense and decorative effect, filled with a warm light. From the play of lights and shadows in architecture, to the effects of natural light, the shape of everyday objects and sculptural art. The result is a nest of light, made.

Of circles or rectangles, both structural and decorative, generating a seductive light effect. Even when they are not lit, they add texture and character to the rooms, defining different areas with small and large contemporary pendants.


Soiree Delta Light



A collection of 4 forms of purely handmade glass, each one in 4 different colors (pink, amber, smoke or mist), each one recognizable but unique in all aspects. A family of suspensions that play with the visual contrast between the glass of color and white, combined with different shapes and colors, also ideal for multiple compositions.

The shapes of Miles are designed to shine in groups. Hung in various lengths, they create a majestic and sensual center piece wherever they are applied.


Miles Delta Light



Mello offers a special feeling of intimacy with direct light on its lower surfaces. At the same time it improves the space with warmth, elegance and transparencies. When it is turned off, its colors gain definition; when they light up, they disappear with soft luminosity. The Mello collection has two forms, each available in different versions, all made by hand.