We visited once again the factory of the lighting brand Delta Light

One more year we had the opportunity to visit the factory of the lighting brand Delta Light, located in Kortrijk, Belgium. We were able to share three days with lighting and architecture professionals from various parts of Spain.

We were impressed with what we could see in the factory. Throughout the visit and in all the departments, we could see the values of this company, which can be quality, order, care for small details, a pleasant working environment and a passion for continuous improvement.

Luminaires that accept different combinations

They explained the news of the new edition of his well-known catalog “The Lighting Bible”. This edition is special, since it coincides with its 30th anniversary.

Among the novelties we can highlight magnetic profiles that provide flexibility to the facilities; flush and surface profiles with curved finishes and a very organic effect; luminaires that accept different combinations can make a custom design; very minimalist solutions where the luminaire goes to the background; and new lenses and optics.



Careful interior design combined with Delta Light’s luminaire

All these novelties and different solutions we could see on site in the showroom they have in the factory. A showroom in constant change to adapt to the new developments that take place every year and where a careful interior design perfectly combines with the Delta Light luminaire.

Ultimately the experience was very positive, a trip at the same time didactic and playful in good company, which reaffirms that Delta Light is a good partner with which it is worthwhile to continue working in the world of lighting design.