We update our Home Cinema

A key part of the renovation that took place in our facilities, has been updating our Home Cinema. The changes have profoundly influenced both technically and decoratively.

In the technical section we have changed the projection and audio systems. We have chosen an advanced 4K technology by Sony for projection and we have introduced an Audio Control 5.1 equipements and customizable Artcoustic spaeakers for the sound system. The integration for the control of the audio-video, lighting and climate equipement hase been done with Crestron.


For the decoration we have created a warm, while sophisticated atmosphere, changing the wooden acoustic paneling for textile coating and introducing noble materials such as gold leaft and backlit onyx stone.

Searching the maximun comfort we have chosen the delux version of automatically reclining cinema chairs by Cineak, with a hight quality leather and diamonds shaped upholstery as in the best sports cars.

illusion Home Cinema


A very important part of the transformation of our Home Cinema has been the lighting. We used Deltalight luminaires, specifically the latest models presented by the brand at the last Frankfurt fair. The diffuser in gold makes the light even warmer, and the black frame fits perfectly in the roof. Behind the fabrick panels we have hidden RGB LED profiles that give light to the side walls, and to hightlight the back wall coated with gold leaf we used strip LED hidden in a special profile that diffuses nthe light evenly throughout the surface. The touch of magic is found in the small starry sky that we have placed above the seats. We have done the lighting contr

ol with Lutron Homeworks QS system that allows us to create scenes for different actions you can perform within the same space.

Cineak Seats

We have followed the Cedia design standards, approved by the best laboratories in the world and several consumer associations.

Thanks to the illusion team we were able to undertake this project and we invite you to our facilities so you can enjoy the results.