Villa in La Cerquilla

Complete project of lighting, audio-video and control for villa located in La Cerquilla. This contemporary style home with Nordic brushstrokes is characterized by simplicity. Combined with a warm general illumination are some designer luminaires that add a distinctive touch to the project. Luminaires without frame of the signature Deltalight, hidden elements and others integrated in the architecture form the assembly of the illumination of the house. We have also worked on the design of furniture in some areas, highlighting the vinoteca and the system designed for the living room TV consisting of a false wall with sliding panels installed on a mechanism of Future Automation.

The home features a Digital Media High Definition video distribution system and a multi-room audio system with source server. In terms of control, a complete integration has been made into a system tailored to customer needs. From touch screens and buttons installed in the house, or from IPAD or IPHONE can control the lighting, air conditioning, audio and video, alarm, etc.